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Art of Football Internship


I had to turn Sneinton Market into Moscow's Red Square for Art of Football's World Cup Fan Zone, where people could watch the England games on a huge outdoor screen. This included making rough technical drawings of key elements of Saint Basil's Cathedral and the Saint Historical Museum from Moscow, and painting the shapes onto MDF. I had to measure the height and width of each building, and then scale my drawings to fit, so that the MDF shapes would be the appropriate size. It was a challenge to compromise how much of the Cathedral to recreate with the limits of wall space.

My poster for the fanzone, which I drew by hand and then edited in photoshop


The MDF shapes drawn out and finished on the walls at the Fanzone.


These are my rough technical drawings of the shapes I selected to portray the Cathedral and Museum from Red Square.

To make the shapes resemble parts of the iconic buildings in Moscow, I had to workout ratios and scale my reference images. For example, to draw the spherical shapes I had to work out the ratio of the stripes running across them.

I studied hand and digital draughting on my university course Design for Film and Television.

World Cup Animations

As well as making scenery, I assisted in making many animations for Art of Football.

This involved cutting out and drawing over footballers, and editing on Photoshop and Lightroom. 

The first animation I helped to make was Football is a ballet of the masses.

I assisted in making short animations of exciting moments during the World Cup. There was a fast turn around to keep up with the matches and fans emotions. I learnt how to balance meeting deadlines while maintaining the quality of work to portray the emotional moments.